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Date Event League Tip Odds Profit
21.04.2017 Inter Turku vs Mariehamn Soccer Finland Veikkausliiga HOME -0.25 2.06 -5.00
27.08.2016 Napoli vs Milan Soccer Italy Italy Serie A AWAY +0.75 2.17 -5.00
27.08.2016 Lazio vs Juventus Soccer Italy Italy Serie A AWAY -0.5 2.06 +10.60
27.08.2016 Ungheni vs Dinamo Auto Soccer Moldova Moldova DN AWAY -0.5 2.04 -10
27.08.2016 Watford vs Arsenal Soccer United Kingdom EPL HOME +0.75 2.15 -10
26.08.2016 Betis vs Deportivo La Coruna Soccer Spain Spain La Liga AWAY +0.25 1.93 +4.65
21.08.2016 Bologna vs Crotone Soccer Italy Italy Serie A HOME -0.5 1.94 +9.40
21.08.2016 Chievo vs Inter Soccer Italy Italy Serie A AWAY -0.5 2.14 -10
21.08.2016 Petrocub vs Saxan Soccer Moldova Moldova DN HOME -0.75 2.09 +5.45
21.08.2016 Zaria vs Ungheni Soccer Moldova Moldova DN HOME -1.5 1.99 +9.90

Asian Handicap Soccer/Football Betting Tips

I am a fan of football, I play football myself and although I like all sports in general, it's specifically football the sport I've been following for years, as a job. I know everything about soccer betting and Asian handicap, so it comes without saying that when I had to choose a niche it was always going to be football betting. I believe soccer is not only an interesting sport to watch and follow but it also provides plenty of opportunities in terms of betting. Soccer betting markets are huge both in terms of volume and liquidity. There are so many leagues and tournaments being played all over the world and online bookmakers are often generous when it comes to betting options and limits. Asian bookies specifically, have soccer betting as their main market offered and they often offer odds with reduced margins, which allows us to have a better chance at making a profit. My soccer betting tips are thus exclusively based on the Asian handicap.

No Under/Over

I've been following the under/over markets for years. I've been trying different systems and different ways to approach them, but in the end, it came down to one conclusion: it doesn't make sense. Under/over betting, unfortunately, doesn't provide as many possibilities as taking sides. I'm not denying the fact that a certain model might produce a profit in this market, but I am quite sure the expected ROI will not be even close to what we might get when taking sides via the Asian handicap. The fact I've never seen a successful under/over tipster in all my life, it's a clear indicator that under/over should not be a market we can expect a lot in terms of profits. That being said, my football betting tips are about Asian handicap side betting rather than under/over.

Early Betting: Getting The Best Odds

Asian handicap betting, just like sports betting in general as a whole, is a highly-competitive market and it comes without saying that getting the best odds is a top priority. It is known that early betting is what provides the most value. Early betting is when we take a bet minutes after betting lines are released by bookmakers. Opening odds reflect the way bookmakers estimate a market, in terms of how will bettors react. Remember, they are only interested in spreading the risk and having equal amounts of money wagered on both sides in order to make a profit out of margins. So when we take an early bet it's like we mostly bet against bookmakers, against what they think might attract people on both sides. However, if we take a bet during the matchday or even worse, minutes before the kick-off, the offered odds will be an accurate estimation of team's chances many times and our chances to beat the bookmakers AND the public at large (including professional bettors) will be far worse. So although it's NOT a rule, it is often suggested that the more we approach the kick-off time the more accurate the offered odds will be. This is why I prefer to release my soccer betting tips early.

Betting Sites I Use

I general, I prefer Asian betting sites and my favorite bookmakers are Pinnacle Sports and Sbobet. This is because they usually have the best lines and odds for football betting. They are also one of the bookies to release the lines early. However, I'm not excluding the fact that other bookmakers might have the best odds in some situations and for as long as you can legally bet with them and you don't get limited, I encourage everyone to have accounts with more betting sites. If you can get a free bet or a bonus, even better!

Betting Previews

All my football betting tips come with betting previews. I don't promise comprehensive betting previews for every tip but in general, I try to provide as much key information as possible in order to inform the reader and make clear my reasons on why I take a bet. Betting previews are an important aspect for my soccer betting tips.

Do My Betting Tips Really Work?

I would like to believe so. And I always do my best to make things work. But I'm not excluding the fact that, just like you, I am not perfect and I make mistakes. I do have experience when it comes to online betting and I've been making a consistent profit over the years in some leagues. But I do not guarantee the same results in every league I follow and I don't even guarantee a profit at all. Any betting tipster that will guarantee a profit in this business is either a liar, an ignorant or a fool. There is no such thing as sure money in this industry and if you want to succeed a dedicated betting bankroll is required along with a money management plan. Make sure you do your homework and it's entirely your decision who you follow. Teddie, the Asian Handicap Tipster
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