Soccer Betting: Factors That Really Affect The Game

The "beautiful game" is arguably the most popular sport in the world and it's also the preferred sport for betting for many punters all around the world. As all the other betting markets, the soccer/football betting market is special in its way because of the nature of the sport. But what are the aspects we should be taking into account when betting on soccer? What factors are really important and affect a football game and its outcome?

From my experience, I can fairly say that there are many factors that affect a football game. But some of them are more important than the others, while some might not even be important, although they're hugely taken into account by the public at large, which directly affects how bookmakers set their odds.

But before we proceed to the importance of the factors, it should be noted that football, or soccer, is a sport of skill AND chance (luck). You might have heard about the expression "the ball is round". Well this couldn't be more right. It is true that a better team will win more matches against a weaker team over the long term, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the better team will always win against the weaker team. This is one of the big mistakes novice punters do and even those that know a lot about soccer, might not accept the probabilistic side of the game. How often have you seen teams clearly dominating other teams, missing chance by chance, to eventually lose the game when the dominated team scores on their first ever chance in the game? This tells about the chances of the teams, and before we even talk about factors affecting the game, we should understand and accept the probabilistic side of the game.

So here are the factors that affect or are known to affect a football game:

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