Online Bookmakers: Best Betting Sites For Asian Handicap

This page is specially dedicated to present you the best online bookmakers that accept Asian handicap bets. It is known that Asian bookmakers were the first to introduce Asian handicap betting in the early 1990s, however, it's been adopted by European online sportsbooks too lately and this section of the Asian Handicap Tipster will show you the best betting sites and what features they come with. Factors we take into account when rating online bookmakers are the betting options and limits, odds, betting bonuses, free bets offers, banking methods accepted, and not lastly trust and reliability. An online bookmaker you can trust is the main condition for choosing a bookie. Feel free to also check these sportsbook reviews by The POGG.

Best Online Bookmakers in 2019

Rating Betting Site Bonus Offer Sign Up
A Pinnacle Sports logo Top  Asian Bookmaker
Best Odds

B 18bet logo

100% Up To€100 EXCLUSIVE

B 10bet logo
50% Up To£200

B Dafabet logo
Free Bet Up To£80
B 138 logo
Free Bet£10
William Hill
Free Bet£30
B Bet At Home logo
Bet At Home
50% Up To€50
100% Up To€50
100% Up To£90
Free Bet£50

Bookmaker Ratings Explained:

A - One of the leading online sportsbooks. Must have bookmaker. An online bookmaker that has it all in terms of betting odds, trust, offer, customer support, withdrawal policy, everything. Only a very few selected online bookmakers are rated with an A and they should be everyone's top choice.

B - Good bookmaker that has a decent offer and likely also offers a nice welcome bonus. A bookmaker rated with a B suggests one you can fully trust, even though it's not good enough for an A.

C - Average betting site. Might offer some great things but lacks other things. Probably a bookmaker you will want to take advantage of in some aspects, but not a betting site you will be interested in having it on your top list.

D - Poor offer, not the best bookmaker. Not a scam, though, can still be used once in a while.

E - Better make sure to avoid it, very close to a scam or not a reliable one in terms of a trust or betting options.

A few words about betting sites...

With hundreds or even thousands of betting sites worldwide available nowadays, the common question is, which one should I choose? After all, this is the place where betting technically takes place and without them, wagering in a legal form wouldn't exist. When you choose a sportsbook, the average punter can look at many different factors such as trust, bonus structure, betting options, limits, odds and many others. However, when it comes to professional betting, there are strict factors you should be looking at when choosing a betting operator. And they are:

1. Trust & reliability

If you cannot trust betting sites, anything else makes no sense. If the online bookmaker you choose has been in the business for quite a while, is officially licensed and legalized, pays out fast and settles your bets even faster, these could be a good indicator of a good one. It is also important that it doesn't operate in a legalized market (France for example) without a license, or else it would be a clear sign that something is shady.

2. Sportsbook Odds

Odds is the most important thing when it comes to winning at betting or not. Even if you have a good hit rate, but if you often grab worse odds compared to the best ones, it is highly unlikely that you will benefit from betting over the long-term. So needless to say, always go for online sportsbooks offering the best odds.

3. Betting options & limits

So what's the purpose of being a betting guru if you cannot bet the amount you want and on the event you want? Professional punters will often have their stakes limited by the sportsbook, or even have their account suspended/locked for being associated with a betting syndicate. Some bookmakers will even make it clear in their T&C that professional punters are not welcome, as they only seek "recreational" bettors, who eventually lose more than they win. So unless you're a part of that category, you should really take this aspect into account.

4. Bonus structure

The contradictory thing is that good bookmaker sites don't really have any bonus structure. They are not interested in attracting you that way, simply because they already offer you much more than that, particularly when it comes to odds and limits. So losing your head for a free bet offer or anything of the sort, is not exactly an option for the professional punter, unless your sportsbook clearly fulfills the points mentioned above.

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