Betting Bonuses

Betting bonuses are incentives offered by online bookmakers in order to attract more players. With so many betting sites online and a fierce competition, a betting bonus is what most online sportsbooks offer to new customers. Bookmaker bonuses can be of different types and they include free bets, deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. As a new player, this is an opportunity to take advantage of a good welcome bonus and thus increase your betting bankroll with some free cash that you can use to bet online. So although bonuses offered by betting sites shouldn't be the main reason for joining them, it's a great strategy to get something for nothing, which is so important when you are just starting and need more money.

Best Betting Bonuses in 2017:

Rank Betting Site Free Bet Sign Up
#1 Bet365 logo
100% Up To£200

Claim Now

#2 10bet logo
50& Up To£200
William Hill
Free Bet£30
#4 18bet logo

EXCLUSIVE 100% Up To€100

#5 188bet logo
Free Bet£30

#6 Dafabet logo
Free Bet Up To£30
#7 138 logo
Free Bet£10

Free Bets

Free bets offers are extremely popular especially in the UK and most UK bookmakers have free bets on offer on a regular basis. Free bets may either require or not require a deposit. No deposit free bets, which may also be considered as no deposit bonuses, allows players to take one single bet for a certain amount and in the case of a win, the amount is converted to real cash. Deposit free bets, on the other hand, require an initial deposit before being awarded the free bet. Read more about free bets...

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are one of the most popular types of betting sites bonuses and require an initial deposit. Deposit bonuses can start from 15% and be as much as 200% up to to a certain amount. For example, a 100% betting bonus will double the deposited amount. So if you made a 100€ deposit, this amount gets doubled and you play with €200. This is a betting bonus that can realistically help you at increasing your betting budget and betting online with more money. Check some of the best online bookmakers for deposit bonuses...

No Deposit Betting Bonuses

No deposit betting bonuses, which can also be considered free bets if we assume that we get something for free, are bookmaker bonuses that require no initial investments. A no deposit betting bonus is something you get completely for free and any winnings associated may be claimed. The downside of no deposit bonuses is, however, usually they are for relatively small amounts and may not play a significant role in increasing your bank. Nevertheless, they are free! Read more about no deposit betting bonuses...

Exclusive Betting Bonuses

Exclusive betting bonuses can be any of the above, only that they are exclusively negotiated with the bookmaker. An exclusive bonus is a betting bonus not available anywhere else and should be taken as fast as possible while it lasts! Check some of the exclusive betting bonuses offered by

Betting Promotions

Betting promotions can be of different type and mostly they are offered to already existing customers. They can either be free bets, no deposit or deposit bonuses. Bet365, for example, runs a soccer betting promotion at the start of every new football season and players benefit from generous bonuses when they reload. In general, it is recommended to sign up with trusted sportsbooks in order to benefit from betting bonuses on multiple occasions, not just when signing up for the first time.

Bonus Terms & Rollover Requirements

It's very rare when a betting bonus is offered just like that. There are certain terms and rollover requirements to be met before a withdraw can be requested. Although rollover conditions may differ from one bookmaker to another, in general, players are required to bet the bonus amount several times before they withdraw the bonus cash. While this looks like a downside of picking up a betting bonus, this is not a problem for a punter that bets regularly. Back in the times when the online betting world was just taking shape and country-related restrictions hardly existed, some players made real fortunes. Known as "bonus hunters", they used to grab every possible bonus and sometimes even register under different names in order to claim the bonus multiple times. As all betting sites stipulate in their terms, such practices are not allowed and if detected will result in your account being suspended. So while such practices are not encouraged and hardly possible today, claiming a legit betting bonus is a good way to start your betting adventure.

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