Bet of the Day: The Best Tip Of The Day

Bet of the Day, as the name suggests, is the BEST out of the BEST pick of the day! Not every day I will have a "bet of the day", but once I have - you can be sure that this betting tip makes a difference compared to other bets in terms of value, confidence/chances to win, and availability.

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What Makes A Bet Of The Day

The first rule I take into account is how valuable the bet is. As value betting is the only way to win money at betting, the better the value is the more we potentially win over the long-term. So it comes without saying that a pick of the day will contain a superior level of value.

The next rule I will consider is the probabilistic chance for the bet to win. The more chances a betting tip has, the fewer variations we can expect, which means stability and seeing the good results faster. So if I am to choose between a 60% chance to win against a 50% chance to win a bet, both estimated to have the same level of value, I will obviously choose the 60% one for the Bet of the Day.

And finally, it is also important how widely available the bet is. I will not choose for the Bet of the Day picks that have low limits or are only available at a few bookmakers. It should be available to all of you and this is an aspect I will take into account too.

To be noted that my "bets of the day" are part of my service as a whole, therefore they are also included in my overall records. But for the sake of those people that might be interested to only follow my "Bet of the Day" picks, I will keep separate stats on the right, particularly for the the "Bet of the Day" service.

How Often Do I Release A Bet Of The Day?

It really depends on. Could be days without a best bet of the day and could be weeks when I might have a pick of the day every day. It's all about how much value I find and what options betting site come with. I recommend that you sign up to my newsletter for free and be informed every time a new opportunity pops up.

How Sure Are Picks Of The Day?

There is no such thing as sure betting unless we are talking about arbitrage betting. Best tips for the day are normal bets just like all my other betting tips, the only difference being the fact that they contain a superior level of value. A superior level of value will assure, long-term, a profit. So assuming that a profit is made, these tips can be considered sure tips from this point of view. But they are NOT sure betting tips in a way to expect 100% chances to win!

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